Studio Kaboom

Is a business created for students in Diploma and Degree studies to showcase their work and attempt to gain investor interest.

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Exceptional work which reflects changing technologies

Studio Kaboom hopes to showcase to prospective employers some of the great work students can do with the latest technologies. Utilising all aspects of Interactive Digital Media the showcased products demonstrate the amazing talents of people who use our agency services.

Responsive Designs

With carefully thought-out design, websites, apps and games can look great on any device.

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Super Simple

Games and Films done on a budget and with limited time-constraints using Agile methodology.

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Using motion capture techniques to speed development and reduce costs.

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Students aiming to be employed and create amazing products for you.

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SIMPLE Game, app & Film Designs

Built for functionality and Fun!

Using Unity and Unreal

Using the latest game engines and software our game, screen and web prototypes are an example of the quality you can expect from Studio Kaboom

Product Info - We're looking to provide more details about our products really soon just wait a little while longer. We promise it will be worth the wait.

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